NeuroSurgery Medical Associates is lead by board-certified neurosurgeon Jeffrey H. Oppenheimer, M.D. and specializes exclusively in spinal surgery. Dr. Oppenheimer has performed over 1,300 spinal procedures and has been actively practicing for over three decades. Our practice emphasizes minimally invasive spinal surgery, and we strive to help patients find the surgical solution that provides them with the highest standard of care with reduced recovery time and enhanced surgical outcomes.

Our team of experts is committed to delivering patient-centered spinal care in South Florida. We prioritize patient needs and understanding, and focus on collaborating with your primary care physician or care team. We place a high value on our patients’ voices, actively listening to their concerns and collaborating on their journey to well-being. We believe in providing not only expert medical care but also solutions that improve the overall quality of life for our patients through advanced spinal interventions.

NeuroSurgery Medical Associates is located in Boca Raton, FL. We have been actively engaged members of our South Florida community for over thirty years, providing spinal solutions to our friends and neighbors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional spinal care to our diverse community, transcending barriers of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and financial background. Driven by a commitment to unwavering standards of excellence, we prioritize open communication, honesty, confidentiality, and trust in all interactions. Our dedicated team strives to ensure your well-being, promising steadfast efforts to guide you on the path to recovery. Your health is our paramount concern, and we are devoted to delivering comprehensive support for your optimal spinal care.

Jeffrey Oppenheimer, M.D.


Dr. Oppenheimer is a distinguished neurosurgeon with over 30 years of dedicated practice after receiving Board Certification from the American Board of Neurological Surgery in 1993. His academic journey commenced in 1979 at Cornell University College of Arts and Science, where he graduated with honors, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Neurobiology and Behavior. Following this, he pursued advanced studies at Georgetown University in 1980, obtaining a Master of Science with distinction in Physiology and Biostatistics. In 1984, Dr. Oppenheimer earned his M.D. from Georgetown University School of Medicine.

Embarking on a six-year Internship and Residency in Neurosurgery at the University of Southern California – Los Angeles County Hospital, one of the nation’s largest medical facilities, he completed this comprehensive training in 1990. Adding to his diverse experience, Dr. Oppenheimer served in the Public Health Service and presently holds the position of Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine.

Dr. Oppenheimer’s professional focus centers on the treatment of spinal conditions through the application of Minimally Invasive Surgical techniques. His commitment to advancing the field is evident through his role in training Residents and his contributions, including a published textbook chapter and journal articles, all dedicated to the nuances of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery.