Lead by Dr. Oppenheimer, NeuroSurgery Medical Associates is set to become Florida’s leading practice for neurosurgery and spine care



We treat patients suffering from spine and neurological conditions including spinal lesions, peripheral nerve disorders, many cerebrovascular disorders, acute and chronic pain syndrome, and most spinal injuries. We will also keep close contact with your referring providers to ensure excellence and balance in overall patient care.

Spine Pain Treatment


Neurosurgeons treat the nervous system including disorders of the spinal cord and column. The most common type of conditions treated at NeuroSurgery Medical Associates are spinal conditions.

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Brain surgery refers to procedures used to repair structural problems in the brain. These type of brain or cranial conditions can be caused by disease, injury or trauma, or birth defects.

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Our neurosurgeon, Dr. Oppenheimer, can treat the entire nervous system including the nerves that travel through the extremities of the body which are referred to as the peripheral nervous system.



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At NeuroSurgery Medical Associates, our certified and compassionate team of physical therapists work hand in hand with Dr. Oppenheimer focusing on achieving optimal health and recovery for you so you can get back to living a pain free life. Unlike other physical therapy offices, all patients will receive a customized hands-on therapy program. The goal behind our comprehensive therapy plans, besides pain relief and motion recovery, is to provide our patients with the proper resources to achieve a standard of healthy living and overall wellness. Whether it is for treatment or post-surgical rehabilitation, all therapy plans start with a thorough evaluation.


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“I had a two-level minimally invasive TLIF at L4-5, L5-S1 performed by Doctor Oppenheimer on 5/18/16. I had been previously told to expect lots of pain, lots of rest, and at least two weeks of narcotic use to manage the pain. I used narcs for 3 days, after which I switched to Tylenol. After one week I was walking a mile and started driving short distances. After two weeks I’m walking 2+ miles, started some light hiking, and driving over an hour. Thank you Doctor Oppy!!”

David Carson, Healthgrades

“Dr.Oppenheimer is great. He told me exactly what was wrong, how he would fix it and he did. I spent 3 years in pain chasing a solution and Dr. Oppenheimer had it the whole time. The surgical center and their staff are top notch. I could not be happier.”

Earl P., Vitals

After spending 12 years in pain and discomfort, and seeing several other surgeons who told me I couldn’t have or didn’t need surgery yet, I saw Dr O and within 10 minutes I knew exactly what was wrong and he explained what he could do to fix me. I was in surgery less than a month after seeing him and back to work 2 weeks after surgery. He took good care of me, answered all my questions and is very easy to get a hold of!

Jess Smith, Healthgrades

When I first spoke to Dr. O. In Oct. 2016, he said that he could repair the damage to my lower back, L2, L3, L4, and L5, and repair my sever spinal stenosis, and would do it with 4 thumb sized cuts, as opposed to a spinal fusion. After surgery on Nov. 23, I went from severe spasms that knocked me off my feet, to a complete cure. I am 72, work again full time as a Pharmacy Tech, and recently shot a lifetime best of 37 on the back nine at our local golf course. Thank you Dr. Oppenheimer. Normalcy has been restored to my life.

Frank, Vitals