Abstract: Radiation-Induced Tissue Damage

Seroquel no prescription to buy Radiation-induced tissue damage in the central nervous system is a wellknown complication of interstitial brachytherapy for brain tumors, yet imaging correlates have historically been based upon computed tomographic scans. We now present magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to correlate radiation changes after interstitial brachytherapy with the histopathology.

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Minimally invasive spine technology and minimally invasive spine surgery: a historical review

http://eastcoastsignco.com/author/jasonbeall/ The trend of using smaller operative corridors is seen in various surgical specialties. Neurosurgery has also recently embraced minimal access spine technique, and it has rapidly evolved over the past 2 decades. There has been a progression from needle access, small incisions with adaptation of the microscope, and automated percutaneous procedures to endoscopically and laparoscopically assisted procedures. More recently, new muscle-sparing technology has come into use with tubular access.

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